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Motivation: Bladder cancer has numerous genomic features that are potentially actionable by targeted agents. Nevertheless, both pre-clinical and clinical research using molecular targeted agents have been very limited in bladder cancer.

Results: We created the Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Bladder Cancer (GDBC) database, an integrated database to facilitate the genomic understanding of bladder cancer in relation to drug sensitivity, to promote potential therapeutic applications of targeted agents in bladder cancer treatment. GDBC database contains two separate sets of data: 1) in-house drug sensitivity data, in which 13 targeted agents were tested against 12 bladder cancer cell lines; 2) data extracted and integrated from public databases, including the Cancer Therapeutics Research Portal, Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia, Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes, Cancer Gene Census databases as well as bladder cancer genomics data and synthetic lethality/synthetic dosage lethality connections.

Implementation: GDBC is available as a web application with an integrated MySQL database. The web application was developed using PHP5.5 and deployed on an Apache2 server. We developed the user interface using HTML5 and JQuery.




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